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Where is the wedding?

All events will take place at our venue, Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais.

The venue is located in the beautiful area of Chianti in Tuscany. The borders of the Chianti region are not clearly defined but in general, it extends over the provinces of Florence and Siena.

The address is:

Loc. Pietrafitta, 46

53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI), Italia

Passport Information

Please double check your passport expiration date ASAP! 6 months of validity recommended, but at least 3 months validity beyond your planned date of departure is required.

When should I arrive?

The events begin in the evening of Thursday, May 30 and wrap up in the evening of Saturday, June 1st.

If you are a member of the wedding party, you will need to check-in to the venue by Thursday afternoon in order to get settled and get ready for the wedding party rehearsal and welcome party! We recommend arriving in Italy Wednesday night as the *safest* option, but early Thursday can work as well.

If you are a guest, we would love for you to join all events, but understand that everyone's schedule is different. We recommend arriving whenever works best for you in order to enjoy the most of the weekend!

Do I have a plus one?

If you have been given a plus one, your RSVPs will be labeled as such.

If you are unsure, please reach out to us directly!

Are my children invited?

In order to allow our guests to fully relax and enjoy themselves, the welcome party on May 30th and all wedding day events on May 31st will be adults-only (18+). We have very limited capacity for the ceremony and wedding dinner - we truly appreciate your understanding.

That being said, we would love to have your children at the pool party on June 1st!

You can work with our wedding planners to arrange a babysitting service for the evening of the welcome party and/or wedding if desired. Please reach out to us directly with any questions!

Will transportation be provided?

Round trip transportation will be provided for our guests for all events -- the welcome party, the wedding day, and the pool party.

The pick up point will be at Hotel Palazzo Squarcialupi.

  • Welcome Party Pick Up Time: 6:45 PM
  • Wedding Day Pick Up Time: 4:45 PM
  • Pool Party Pick Up Time: 1:15 PM

Please see the "Travel" page for full details.

Can we photograph and video the wedding ceremony?

We have a mega-talented photographer and videographer team that will be capturing every moment of the wedding day, including the ceremony.

During the ceremony, we ask that our guests turn off all phones and cameras.

We want everyone to be fully present with us for this moment (and nobody likes seeing a bunch of phone screens in all of their wedding shots!)

As soon as the ceremony is over, feel free to capture as many pictures and videos as you would like! We can't wait to pose with you.

Can you share a packing list?

  • Passport - One more reminder to please double check your passport expiration date ASAP! 6 months of validity recommended, but at least 3 months validity beyond your planned date of departure is required.
  • Universal Travel Adapter
  • Portable Travel Fan - while we do not anticipate scorching temperatures, it is common in Europe to have rooms without air conditioning in hotels and villas. Please refer to the website of where you are staying!

What is the weather like?

By the end of May, Tuscany has warm temperatures that can reach 75 degrees or more in some places!

You’ll mostly need clothing for warmer weather, however, all events we have planned will take place outdoors. We recommend packing a jacket / sweater / or shawl in case of cooler mornings and evenings.

Can I use my cell phone service in Italy?

Most places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. have WiFi available!

For cell service and data usage while traveling, we recommend downloading Airalo to your phone. It's much cheaper than adding a travel pass with your current phone plan, and you can activate it immediately on your phone once you land in your destination!

Are there any COVID restrictions or testing requirements?

All Covid-19 entry regulations for Italy have been dropped. This means that you no longer have to show proof of vaccination or testing for entry.